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Needle & Syringe Programme

The Needle & Syringe Programme exists to provide sterile injecting equipment and some associated paraphernalia; i.e. sterile swabs and safe disposal bins to injecting drug users, providing information about harm minimisation and health related issues.

Condoms and advice regarding safe sex practices are also available, plus a referral to other specialist testing and treatment services.

New clients wishing to use the Needle & Syringe Programme will be asked to provide three initials and a date of birth as form of identification.

New clients are also asked to complete an assessment form. The main purpose of this assessment is to discuss any health concerns as well as providing information about blood borne viruses and to generally promote awareness of the services offered at Open Road and in the wider community.

For more information please call 0844 499 1323, visit the Essex Drug Action website or use the map below.