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  1. Open Road Newsletter - On the road - Issue 19

    Welcome to our February newsletter and a very belated Happy New Year....

    22nd February 2017
  2. Open Road launches inspiring Journey to Recovery film

    At Open Road’s 2016 AGM, we launched an incredibly inspiring film where some of our clients very g...

    13th January 2017
  3. Muscle Mass - Basildon’s steroid epidemic

    Trailer for muscle mass, a short film about the alarming rise in steroid use seen by the open road c...

    19th December 2016
  4. Open Road Newsletter - On the road - Issue 18

    Welcome to our final newsletter for 2016. Since our last newsletter, which was published in August,...

    22nd November 2016
  5. Annual Review 2015/16

    Our mission is to empower a diverse range of individuals, families and communities to lead healthy a...

    9th September 2016
  6. Open Road Newsletter - On the road - Issue 17

    Welcome to our third newsletter of 2016. I hope everyone is finally enjoying the long awaited summer...

    9th September 2016