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Posted on: 10th September 2015

Open Road sponsor Crystal Palace Ladies first team striker, Nicha Dyett

Open Road have agreed to sponsor Nicha Dyett, Crystal Palace Ladies first team striker and Young People’s Substance Misuse Worker in Medway.

Having only worked as a Young People’s Substance Misuse Worker for a few months, Nicha has already landed herself a sponsorship with Open Road and her football team, Crystal Palace Ladies.

“I have been sponsored by Open Road this season for my football Team Crystal Palace Ladies. I have been playing football for 10 years and this is my 3rd season playing for crystal Palace as a Striker for the first team.

“I would like to thank Open Road for their support in sponsoring me this season it means a lot that the company I enjoy working for has also taken the time and money to sponsor me. I hope this will also help with networking for the company in expanding into the London Boroughs.”

Open Road hope that this sponsorship will be the start of many, increasing the charity’s presence and raising awareness of drug and alcohol addiction in various areas of the country as well as Women’s sports.

Nicha explains that the team is very strong this season and their main goal is to get promoted to the league above. The Ladies football season started on 16th August.

Open Road will feature on the official website of Crystal Palace Ladies alongside Nicha’s player profile. For more information about our recent sponsor and other football related news and events, visit