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Posted on: 28th August 2018

Open Road Newsletter - On the road - Issue 25

Welcome to our August newsletter


In this newsletter, I would like to introduce you to Ellie. Ellie came to us 9 years ago and was in very poor health. All I could see when I looked at her was skin and bones, dull eyes, no shiny coat. She was terrified, anxious, nervous and extremely difficult to manage. She is an ex race horse, who I believe had been very badly treated. I wondered what on earth we had taken on. However, 9 years on, she is the picture of health – well, she is for a very old lady, with a few grey hairs showing through; she is calm, relaxed and happy. She reminds me so much of some of our clients when they first present to us and then when they leave us, having completed the first stage in their recovery journey. It makes working at Open Road very worthwhile and rewarding when you see how people can and do change. 

Football has definitely been a big feature for Open Road over the last couple of months. I attended a charity football match in Clacton, in memory of John Richards who sadly lost his battle due to mental health and drug problems. His brother Chris and his family decided to organise this event for the second year running, to raise funds for Open Road and achieved an excellent £550 towards our Clacton centre. A very big thank you to Chris, his family and all their friends. 

The second football event (one of many) was an invitation to take our Colchester SOS Bus to London Liverpool Street when England were playing in the World Cup. Our SOS Bus Service Manager, Steve Wood and his team of volunteers returned to London with the bus for England’s semi final match against Croatia. This has been a very exciting venture for us, with fantastic publicity and media attention.

Best wishes,

Sarah Wright, Chief Executive