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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

A significant part of making Open Road a great place to work is acknowledging our responsibilities to our employees and our volunteers, our community and the environment. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility statement focuses on these three core commitments: 

  • We believe Open Road should be a positive, inclusive and safe place to work and visit for all our employees, volunteers and service users. 
  • We want to be engaged with our community, using our time and resources to improve other peoples’ lives. 
  • We recognise that we can significantly reduce the impact our business activities have on the environment 

Our Employees and Volunteers 

  • Investors in People Gold – We are committed to retaining our prestigious Gold standard and making IIP even more visible in our day to day activities 
  • Investors in Volunteers – We are committed to achieving IIV accreditation by early 2014 
  • Equality and diversity – We are committed to ensuring equality and promoting diversity, both within Open Road and the work that do for our service users 
  • Training and development – The on-going development of our staff and volunteers is vital to our success and the quality of our treatment services. The investment we have made through our Organisational Training Plan, is our commitment to developing our people. 
  • Motivation – Whilst we take our work seriously we want Open Road to be an enjoyable place to work 
  • Health and safety – We operate comprehensive policies and work to ensure a safe environment for all 
  • Work life balance – We have made our flexible working policy applicable to all staff and will consider all such requests 

Community and Social Impact 

Our services deliver aspirations that recovery is achievable for those who are affected by substance misuse. This includes their families and the communities in which they live. 

  • Safety and support – We work within the Community and with families to help reduce crime, harm and the effects of drugs and alcohol 
  • Employment and welfare – We help and encourage people to secure employment or enter back into education 
  • Charitable events – We support and encourage our staff and volunteers to participate in fund raising events 
  • Education – We provide free training and education to community groups, schools and the Army to raise awareness of the effects of drugs and alcohol 


We are aware that our business activities have an impact on the environment and we endeavour to manage these through our Environmental Policy. 

  • Compliance with legislation – To ensure compliance, we are particularly conscious of the disposal of potentially harmful waste 
  • Reducing travel – we encourage our staff and volunteers to car share and eliminate unnecessary travel 
  • Recycling – Where possible we encourage the recycling of paper, cans, glass, printer cartridges and plastics 
  • Energy use – To minimise our impact, we ensure all lighting and electrical equipment is switched off at night and when not in use