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The Young Persons’ Service in Medway is here to help if you’re looking to talk to someone about alcohol or drugs and how they might be affecting you.

You might be concerned about your own use or someone that you know and we’re able to provide confidential advice and support.

Our service is flexible so we’ll talk to you over the phone or meet you at a place you’re comfortable with. This could include visiting you at school, at home or at a youth club.

We’ll do a one to one assessment when we first meet with you. Then, supported by your worker, you will develop a personalised plan. This plan will help you and your worker address any of the issues you are experiencing and will be tailored around your needs.

You’ll be able to meet with your worker one to one on a regular basis. This will be your own time to talk about your current situation and the support you are getting. We will also be able to answer any questions you have about the new service.

Some of the service we’ll be able to offer you include:

  • Advice and information
  • Drop ins
  • One-to-one with a specialist substance misuse worker
  • Group work
  • Sexual health advice
  • Help to access other services

You can phone us yourself, or ask a parent/carer, a friend, or someone else you trust, to phone. If you let us know your phone number we can also call you back. You can come and see us at our centre or you can also write to us.

Contact details

Medway Young Persons’ Service
55 Green Street
Centre: 01634 566285

Opening Times

  1. Monday 9.00am - 5pm
  2. Tuesday 9.00am - 5pm
  3. Wednesday 9.00am - 5pm
  4. Thursday 9.00am - 5pm
  5. Friday 9.00am - 5pm