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Who we are

Open Road is run by a committed group of trustees, staff and volunteers.

We listen to the views of our service users and other partners so that our services meet the needs of those we serve.

Over 100 staff and 200 volunteers are involved in delivering our services. We are proud of our hard working staff and volunteers who are skilled at working with people affected by drugs and alcohol.


  • Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall, Patron

    Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall


  • Lord Risby of Haverhill, Patron

    Lord Risby of Haverhill


  • Robert Halfon MP, Patron

    Robert Halfon MP


  • Sir Bob Russell, Patron

    Sir Bob Russell


  • Will Quince, MP, Patron

    Will Quince, MP


Board of Trustees

  • Martin Mears, Trustee & Company Secretary

    Martin Mears

    Trustee & Company Secretary

  • Melinda Setanoians, Trustee

    Melinda Setanoians


  • Nick Alston, Trustee

    Nick Alston


  • Nigel South, Trustee

    Nigel South


  • Robert Smith, Chairman

    Robert Smith


  • Yvonne Larkin, Trustee

    Yvonne Larkin


Senior Management

  • Anna Trudgian, Operations Director

    Anna Trudgian

    Operations Director

  • Joni Thompson, Quality and Business Development Director

    Joni Thompson

    Quality and Business Development Director

  • Martin Smart, Finance Director

    Martin Smart

    Finance Director

  • Paul Hughes, Central Services Director

    Paul Hughes

    Central Services Director

  • Sarah Wright, Chief Executive

    Sarah Wright

    Chief Executive

Service Managers

  • Ali Firth, West & South Essex Area Manager

    Ali Firth

    West & South Essex Area Manager

  • Leigh Harvey, North & Mid Essex Area Manager

    Leigh Harvey

    North & Mid Essex Area Manager

  • Steve Wood, Criminal Justice and Welfare Area Manager

    Steve Wood

    Criminal Justice and Welfare Area Manager


  • Strategic Plan

    Download our latest business plan to read about our vision and priorities for 2016 - 2019.

  • Annual Review

    We produce an annual review setting out our activities, achievements and impact in the past year.